20110829191433_00022Post card Portrait -1The month of July can be your most productive month, you should have a full schedule.  You will be hearing all about other families having their portraits taken but you don’t seem to be on that band wagon yet. Problem is, you must spend money to make money. I send out postcards on a regular basis starting in March. The postcards are cheep, it’s the postage that will kill you! The e-mail thing has to be people that have contacted you. Apparently, third party emails are not legal. Who knows if it is enforced. People can simply delete your emails, but a postcard they read first then throw it away. If they read it a few times they will remember your name in time of need.

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June 2011const.soccer 017IMG_0148_1 (2)-Zac3McCarthy    Richardsen    Court Exchange Building PRoberts@2011 9.26.2011 098Sporting Events

Senior Portraits

Family PortraitsHML 028Design center @ 2011

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