Traditional Portraits

Traditional Portraits

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Infant and babies portraits are very important

IMG_0148_1 (2)-Zac3 FAMILY PORTRAITS, SENIOR PORTRAITS, EVENT PORTRAITS   Traditional photography is for futures to see the past. They are what we look back on, to remember… that’s why every event and holiday should be recorded with family, home, office and environmental candid or professional photographs.  That’s what’s left! What could be more fun then photographing a teenager’s senior portrait?  Nice job you have! The students “fresh face look” is great for close ups. Students have so many music and sporting activities, they take you to The Eastman, golf courses, rinks, tennis, basketball courts, soccer, & football fields, on boats, the list goes on and on. There you have the opportunity to have that different look, the idea of where they spend their time.  Without overwhelming the subject the background only needs to be a hint of the location you are at. Of course, the color and geometrics have to come together in harmony, you have to make this ART, not just a family photo they can take that themselves with the help of Uncle Harry! Truth is, timing is everything!! Lucky you to be able to locate yourself on such great playing fields, what a nice day. See, teenagers are fun!

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