How To Get More Publicity

Just for the record this past week I went with a Judge and her staff to march in a parade.  The Judge was campaiging for a higher office.  I offered my services for free, and simply asked that that they acknowlege me in the credits.  That is free advertizing and again I had a blast, as well as front row seating! (sort of speaking I was in the parade).  It may sound corney, but I was able to get alot of publicity and my name out there.  What I recieved for free would have cost me $400. in advertizing.

I had made myself well aquainted with all of the local country clubs and compiled leather albums of weddings and family portraits that I had taken on their property.

Great Family Photos

How do you get the portraits when you are first starting out?  Well, how about offering a country club free family portrait sittings for Mother’s Day.  Free sittings, get their names and addresses etc, and charge them for the second print and thereafter. Give them one free print.   Yes some people will take the photo and run…but they will remember you…and what will they remember?    You were helpful, kind, fun, made them laugh, dressed nice, and you are sophicated. Noone wants an intruder,  so be careful not to “TAKE OVER THE PARTY”  You have limits as to “how much you should actually be involved”.  When you have full control is when you actually are taking the shots..after that you should hang low..untill the next shot.

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