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Buy the lens you really want separate from a bundle. You’ll have to buy that lens sometime.

I had the most interesting portrait shoot Saturday. Interesting because I was the subject!!!  My daughter and I  were asked to be a part of a directory. We planned and picked out perfect outfits, had our hair done, rearranged our calender, and set up a time.

This is a national company and you too have probably sat for them one time or another.

We arrived  a few minutes early were pleasantly greeted, sat on the stool, couldn’t help but notice the dated equipment the photographer was shooting with, and politely asked him a few questions while he was arranging for our shoot. After a few equipment “glitches”, we were escorted to another room to view, choose and purchase our directory photograph.

My daughter and I almost fell over with grief….we were shocked to see how terrible they were. We had made a pack with each other that we would somehow pick one just for the directory…no matter how bad!  We absolutely could NOT!

We stared and tried to put behind us our imperfections but we both looked like we were 30-40 pounds FATTER! The lady stated “Oh this is exactly how you both look”! My daughter piped up and said “my mother does not look like that at all”!  Thank God!  I was really worried, and instantly depressed… I had made my mind up that I would eat blackberries for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the rest of my life!

Moral to the story….YOU MUST PURCHASE CURRENT EQUIPMENT! The dated lens he was using was so old and the optics were useless.

Useless, because I bet that he loses thousands of dollars a week in sales making people look 30-40 pounds heavier than they actually are.
Shame on that company for cutting costs in the lens department.
That is the most ridiculously stupid place to cut costs. The sure thing that makes you money.

With the proper lenses you can sell twice the photographs. Have clients happy and proud of themselves when they leave, always leaving the door open for more reorders, not depressed and feeling fat and ugly.

In an earlier post I stated that the optics are so important and this proves how much.

later that evening my daughter grabbed her consumer camera, shot a quick candid picture of me and guess what I loved it! Why, because the lenses have become very high quality, even the consumer lenses.

So, when I get asked if they should buy used equipment, I say probably not, when it comes to lenses.

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  1. Very interesting info!Perfect just what I was looking for!

  2. You have observed very interesting details! ps nice internet site.

    • After many years in photography, I have never heard such a clear and conisce explanation of f/stop. Many struggle with the concept and are simply left with the instruction to just remember the inverse relationship. Confusion quickly sets in. Your explanation will clear that confusion away for most people for ever.

  3. Very interesting information!Perfect just what I was looking for!

    • Thank you so happy you are reading.

      • Sweet. Considering this is your first attempt at macro, it’s petrty good. I would have tweaked the contrast a bit and rotated to get rid of the top left brown stuff distracts your attention! :

    • Great collection of pitcrues Steve. Makes me wantto be out in the boat (maybe at Reid) kicking back. Keep up thegreat work ! Merry Christmas Mark PeggyMcMaster ..Tolly Roger

  4. Yep, that definitely imopvres it a lot. Although as I say, I do think the killer first off was the lower light. The composition is also hard, starting to see it sometimes, but other times it just doesn’t work. Annoyingly, at Luminox on Thursday I could see some great shots involving the heads, that I couldn’t take due to not having the appropriate lens. More expense soon then!

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