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Why go through Trial & Error when this program can turn around your life! Confused? Frustrated? Having a hard time?  This is better than what you have now!  Enjoy life, enjoy each moment! Let me prove to you how you can succeed. Stop earning low income through low paying jobs that lead you nowhere. I can help you change through my own experience.

Get the equipment you need to take great photographs.  Take a look at these cameras, flashes, lenses, etc., Make your decisions so your ready by spring to begin!  let’s make your shooting reliable and ready to fire! Take a look at the equipment at the right and compare prices, which by the way I have the lowest prices.

There are more expensive cameras that I love, but I really like these too. Again, be sure what you choose fits your needs and are inter-changeable with what you purchase. E-mail/contact me and I will help you get started. Remember I have the best prices, and even if you buy locally they return you to the manufacturer if there is an issue.

Television College ads state that if you become:

A) A Dental assistant
B) A Paralegal
C) Office administrator

Then you will make  a whooping “$40,000” dollars a year if your lucky, and become:

1) Confident
2) Independent
3) In control

What they fail to tell you is that:

a) You will barely be able to support yourself in a job that
never allows you to make a higher income!
b) You will have no decision making abilities, and extremely limited independence!
c) Your employer is in control of your every hour, and limited vacation time.  Not you!

I really laugh out loud at these ads wondering who believes;
1)  If you spend every dime you have;
2)  take out loans;
3)  use your parents money;
4)  put them and yourselves in debt; and
5)  Spend years

what? How can that work for your entire life?

My alternative choice was:
1) Schedule my own hours
2) command my own prices
3) Learn everything I could regarding photography
4) Learn about business
5)  respect my clients
6) sell my photographic services

By the time I had been in business for 6 or 7 years I was making twice (and more) the money that all my friends were making. They were working the same job, doing the same ol’ thing day in and day out, and dealing with the same people over and over.
My job is different every day, new and exciting events daily. Making money with photography is what made my life wonderful. I traveled, visited friends, took my daughter to Disney world, did what ever my family wanted to do, when we wanted. Yes, there were scheduled weddings that I had to commit to, but that was good money too!
So, get the equipment in order, take a look at the cameras, flashes lenses, etc I like, make your decisions so your ready to go by spring!  let’s make your shooting reliable and ready to fire quickly! Take a look at the equipment at the right and compare prices, which by the way I have the lowest prices.

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  1. indianist says:

    >Hey guys, plz let me know how to start a busines with little investment….good ideas plz..

    • There are many kinds of home base jobs or business these days. The posilbiisties are never-ending but the difficulty of most people today, is how to keep up with some of the advance competitors. You could also try something new and experiment with things. If you already feel that you like what you’re doing and you are actually enjoying it, that’s the first sign that you are getting closer to your success.

  2. I consider something truly interesting about your weblog so I saved to bookmarks .

    • Thank you…I have a lot to say going forward

      • I had my first silent acioutn about six months ago.a0 I decided to donate a session and a 16X24 gallery wrapped canvas.a0 (Too big, in hind sight. It was a $320 value and about $100 out of my pocket).a0 I wanted prospective clients and bidders to know that I was a custom photographer, with an aim to provide them with wall art, as opposed to just shoot-and-burn.a0 To provide a tangible gift as well as to establish my brand identity, I had a custom fresh floral arrangement made with my gift certificate and a little about-me bio sticking out.a0 The fresh basket stood out, the smell stood out, and the large canvas I had displayed stood out (cost me about $40).a0 Right next to my display was another photographer acioutning off a session and cd $150 value.a0 All she had was a piece of paper the charity provided for people to bid.a0 Hers ended up acioutning for $60, and mine went for $100.a0 Mine got more money, but I also spent more.a0 So I don’t know which approach was better?a0 I also provided promotional pieces press printed that no one took advantage of, and no other new clients resulted from the acioutn.a0 But the person who won my services ended up upgrading her free canvas, ordering two more canvases, as well as multiple prints and specialty products.a0 So through the process I got one new client, and recouped the investment I made in the acioutn.a0 Success, or not?

    • DO keep that camera. SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed) has one I bguoht for our 30th anniversary last year. The first time she used it she took 371 pictures in 2 hours and used all three lenses I bguoht for her camera. This from a woman who would never let me buy her anything more complicated than a point-and-shoot. She has a good eye, like you. Having a good tool to use has made her a better photographer, although she wasn’t a bad one to begin with. It’s just that now she can do so much more, because her tool’ will let her. You will get better, too. And for the same reason.lceels last blog post..

  3. I appreciate, cause I found exactly what I was looking for. You have ended my four day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

    • Thank you…please remember to buy something from my blog then I can keep going. You find some good info I get small commission to carry on!

  4. I guess I’m a bit different.a0 I was a nrusing student and one day I just woke up and decided that I wanted to be a photographer.a0 I enjoyed taking photos of my kids and all the places that we would go.a0 I had a little point and shoot camera.a0 For a few weeks I had been feeling like something was missing in my life and one morning I did wake up and decide that I was going to be a photographer.a0 Just like that.a0 Later that morning I went up to my college and changed my major, dropped all my nrusing classes and registered for photography classes.a0 Every person I spoke to in those first few weeks would say are you serious?’ and I would just smile and say yes.a0 That was two years ago and I would not go back and change that decision for the world.a0 I love what I do and every day I’m excited to do it.a0 I did get a photography certificate but it really taught me the basics.a0 I’ve learned on my own where my resources are where I can expand my understanding.a0 I guess I would say that a formal education is not really necessary but for someone going from a little point and shoot to the real thing it was really helpful.a0 I also got the chance to learn about and develop my own black and white film and to develop my own photos and I’ve continued that, hopefully converting a room in my house to a dark room this fall.Thanks Elizabeth for being one of my favorite resources 🙂

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