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The new year 2012 is approaching and millions of people are out of work. I believe that the entire system is changing. Because so many people are looking for so few job openings the younger generation, like yourself are finding a different system of making an earning. The Internet is providing that new system. I will be writing about putting your web site together and linking you to your community.

I want you to remember that everything I am coaching you on would cost much more money if you went through the college system. Yes, I agree that college education is beneficial, but remember I myself was making more money shooting, and college was costing me money in required classes I never needed. Even putting this site together I learned from a coach who directed me to the exact information I needed, quickly!   So, I am excited that you too can learn quickly and make the money you need to pay those bills. How to start a business in photography is actually fun.

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Yes, we want more and we all deserve to live lavishly, so don’t think for one moment that this is hard…and you can’t or don’t want to do this. If you have a liking for photography, can move quickly, be flexible, this is right for you. You can make six figure and more, depending on what you shoot.


If you have a camera, at this point any camera and you are ready to make money in photography, lets start with the camera and flash.

Buy Online, Pickup in Your Local Best Buy® Store.  If you want to pick up immediately you can or there is an option for delivery.

I hope you have clicked on the link and have purchased equipment, or you are using an existing camera.  If you are short of cash, there is a credit card link here, (coming soon____). I have reviewed several credit card companies and some that will have travel points so you can travel and take photographs to sell.

The number one item you will definitely need is a flash that goes the distance. So get your camera body and look for a PC outlet  (remember that was one of the most important request I mentioned you needed when purchasing a camera body) for your new flash attachment. The hot shoe will also hold a flash attachment,but that will only be powered by batteries.

Please buy new, used equipment has the power to fail, you can not take that chance.  I have never sold anything good as far as used equipment, I have used it until it does not function, then I give  it away.

The built in flash is not what you need to make money in photography!

The PC cord/outlet will add a power unit to power your flash. You can use batteries but you will definitely need a power unit if you are shooting a significant (one sitting) amount of frames.

You do not EVER want to run out of power!!

Power is the main source for all your work, if you run out, everything will stop ( yes, even available light) and your face WILL BE mud.  And to put more dirt on your professional face, uncle Harry will be there right behind you to pick up the pieces, continue the shoot, brag to everyone how well he’s done, have you using his camera to include himself in the photo, laugh how you aren’t needed, and leave you looking like a first class fool. And did I say you won’t be making a dime that day!

So never, never run out of power and always have extra FRESH batteries just in case.

Extra, fresh batteries should also be in another battery case holder, to just pop the whole fresh case right into the flash, if the unit has that option, therefore no waiting for your subjects. Believe me they won’t wait!
 There is NO artist that is so good that they can make the subjects wait.
What makes you good is that they don’t have to wait.

To be perfectly honest, these days with digital, anybody can take pictures until they get it right. Where a professional comes in, and stands appart from Uncle Harry is the fact that they are;

1)  Taking the whole family including the person that can take pictures.
2)  Organizing a unique and coordinated group portrait.
3)  Moves the subjects quickly and leads the group in a timely fashion.
4)  Is very helpful to make everything work.
5). Takes the lead and makes the subjects perform.

Your photos must get completed, if they don’t,  you don’t make money in re-orders.

When the pictures are required, they may be heading out to a birthday party, baptism, wedding, graduation, or something like that, so you need to make money, and get them there ahead of the time needed to be there. Most important you want them to use your services over and over again.

Remember not everything is free delivery, and they change weekly with specials. Some of the offers are better than free delivery. Also, free delivery and specials pertain to moving merchandise.  When it comes to electronics some of the new products and best performers do not have specials attached to them.
So look for quality, and remember to look ahead to the equipment that you can use in the future at lease for a few years.  The purchases I have made, have made me profits from the same camera equipment for over ten (10) years.

I have used Quantum power packs for over 30 years. See right side box.

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