How do I Run a Photography Business?

Let’s get right to the point
Get everything in legal proper order.

1). County clerks office; pay under $50. for a “doing business as”; DBA form and fill out the name you want for your business.

2). Pay approximately $500. each year for 2 million dollars worth of liability insurance. If you are shooting for profit on a state road, local soccer field, construction site, or client’s home,  anywhere.YOU NEED THIS, and some companies will not hire you without it. This protects YOU.

3). Usually, I shoot everything clients asked me to shoot. From construction to babies. Take everything, including food photos. For that you’ll need to have your cameras set up differently. Table top shooting.  I’ll go through that guide in a following page. Take everything, but do not take one thing that is obscene, defamatory, or any illegal activity.

4). Aways collect the state tax. Save it in a seperate account. Go on line to your States tax web site. Like New York tax forms.  This is not hard.
simply fill out the quartly forms and send a check.

5).  Display StateTax ID No./ Form as stated by the state. Consult an Accountant and Insurance agent. (Per requests I’ll have links for them too, coming up).

6). The joy is that you can build your studio at a later date, cutting start up cost.  I had my most success on different locations.

7).  How to chose a digital camera and making money with photographs is critical at this point.
If you pick your own camera you may have huge problems later. I don’t want to tell you what to do, but really look at the Canon’s and Nikon’s I mentioned in post; How to make money as a Photographer . When you realize what you need that digital SLR camera body for, you may be disappointed later. Think about what you are focusing on, for how to make money as a photographer, that way you will have the interchangeable equipment set up that will work for your area of expertise.
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The lens I’d like  to carry is the Canon 28-135mm 1:3.5-5.6 IS.  That is 28mm for large group shots, wider angle.  That way you can shoot a group and turn and grab, to the  135mm telephoto, a studio portrait style shot, and turn to the 80mm, ideal location  bust portrait /family small group lens. So there you have the best crystal clear low light settings, with three lengths in one lens. We want the best digital pictures.


When you buy a set up…you will need another compete set up, if you are hired to complete the job you must do so even if you are having camera failure.  I have been in the situation several times and never had to “worry” I had my back up ready for anything, all put together, charged and ready to shoot! I had to use it many times.

8). With your camera you need a laptop.  You must be able to store and file your digital photographs, send to on-line printer and give your clients a copyrighted disk/CD, copy.

9).  Flashes

10).  Power and Light

I will write more postings regarding a runing photography business.

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