How to choose a Digital Camera Body

I can coach you on how you get the best results with your Digital camera, show you the operations and techniques for professionals or everyday family photos! It’s about getting the shot the first time and loving it. We are busy and don’t have the extra time to experiment for hours.  I want you to experiment but,  I also want you to have success the first time.


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Welcome back,  I’m Pam and I want to review camera bodies so together we can interpret how to choose a digital camera. Wondering why I only want to review Digital slr bodies today? Well, because for now I want to make it clear that the camera body is the core of all other pieces you buy if you are serious about making money with photography, and taking great pictures.  I do have a preference for Canon and Nikon, but I am open to all ideas on photography equipment and other opinions.

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Canon SLR digital reviews

The Canon SLR digital reviews from “Digital Photography”
Canon has the EOS 60D SLR Digital camera body, reviewed price $999.99. Making money with this camera is easy because this Canon body shows you how to take a great picture.

Canon T3i body 18 megapixels, $899.00-1099.00, series and
Canon EOS 5D body, lists for $2,499.99, top of the line best investment, and
Canon 7D body, $1,699.00 Great for the money.
All provide the best digital pictures, for semiprofessional and professional photographers.
These bodies are heavier and larger than a consumer camera.

For making money with a camera, one of the best taking picture tips I can give you is choosing the right digital SlR body.

n body is one that can change you from a consumer point and shoot  to a professional photographer, making money with your camera.

Nikon SLR Digital Reviews

Nikon offers model D3000, 10 megapixels, lists for $499.00. Body

Nikon offers a Digital D5100 16.2 megapixels, HD capable, LCD size viewfinder 3.0, special feartues; in camera “special effects”, List price $899.95.

Nikon 3100 14.2 megapixels, list $699.95.

Nikon coolpix 14 megapixels lists $279.95

Nikon 1 J1 10 megapixels  list price $596.95

The cost is higher with most cameras with more megapixels. Make sure you double check all features, with all models. You can take my recomdations but you must choose Digital SLR camera equipment for yourself.
Remember the body must have a flash input (not a shoe, most come with a shoe) for attaching additional lighting power.

If you are more comfortable starting with a less expensive consumer digital camera, it may not have interchangeable lenses and the megapixels will be lower. The new Nikon1 has only 10 megapixels, but does have an interchangable lens. The attached flash will not field a long enough distance, and there is no way to attach more lighting power.  This camera can start you off taking insurance pictures and some basic photo shooting.  You cannot make great photographs for enlarging, portraits, fast speed, or weddings.

Using consumer equipment is not how you get money for a portrait or wedding. You will spend lets say $499. for the body and another $250. for a lens, therefore you are close to spending enough for a semi pro body and lens. Clients will not trust you, and believe that you have value in your field and know how to run a photography business using equipment that they have at home.

Ideas on photography come from you experimenting with your equipment, the environment you have to work with, color, and your subject, all working together.

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  1. >Great advice! Thank you!

    • I CAN’T figure out how much zoom I could get with the vaurios lens attachments for the DMC-G1. A zoom range is the longest focal length divided by the shortest. So the G1 s kit 14-45mm (28-90 35mm equivalent ) lens is roughly a 3.2x zoom. And the 45-200 (90-400 equiv.) is 4.4x. But combined (eg. 14-200) they give you a roughly 14.3x zoom range.Compared to the other models, the G1 gives you a much larger sensor. Which means better low light/high ISO. Of course there is also the flexibility you get with an interchangeable lens system. And it has perhaps the best Electronic Viewfinder ever equipped on a still camera (or at least one your average person could afford).It does produce a bit of noise during the shot. Though not nearly as much as a dSLR. And neither of the currently available lens is technically designed for macro, but they can focus fairly close.

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